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"Foot, Foot, Foot"

The Foot Book - Dr. Seuss

Review: Dr.Seuss' book are such fun books for students to read. I enjoy this book especially because of all the rhyming he does throughout.I would recommend using this in a kindergarten or first grade classroom when you are introducing the different types of rhyming. This book is so silly that it will engage the students attention throughout the whole book as they laugh and enjoy it, not realizing how much they are actually learning. 


Leveling System:

Lexile Measure; NP



Classroom Activity:

I would use this to introduce measurement. Each student would receive their own cut out foot. The student's would walk around the classroom comparing their feet with other classmates based on the teachers instructions. Such as, "Find someone whose foot is bigger than yours, find someone's foot who is smaller, or find someone's foot who is the exact same size.