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“Louis is a musician"

Trumpet Of The Swan - E.B. White


Louis is a trumpet swan. He is struggling, compared to his siblings, to learn to play. His father finds him a true brass trumpet. Could this be the key to his success? This book is a great book to teach students to not give up. Just because you reach a hard part in your life, anywhere from school to home life, does not mean you should give up.  


Leveling System:

Lexile 750L 



Classroom Ideas:

I would use this as a novel study in my classroom. We would do activities such as cause and effect, comprehension questions, and explaining parts of the book. Such as them picking out their favorite part of the book and writing a paragraph about why it was their favorite. Also, everyone has a dream. Louis from the book had a dream to be able to play the trumpet; I will ask the students to write, maybe two paragraphs, about what their dreams are and why.