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"Growing Up"

Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! We Are Growing! - Mo Willems, Laurie Keller, Mo Willems, Laurie Keller




Walt is worried about how he is not growing as tall or he is not the curliest. This book is a great book for a first grade classroom to help the students understand that it is ok to not be the tallest or the smallest in the class. This book explains that everyone is special in their own way and that is how I would use it in my classroom. This book is also a fun way to teach your students about plant growth and how things grow.  


Leveling System:

Lexile- 270L


Classroom Activity:

I would use this to incorporate a science lesson. I would create a classroom garden and the students would get to watch and document, in their science notebooks, about the growth of each plant and the length over time it took it to grow.