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"Just a Spoon Full of Sugar"

Mary Poppins - Mary Shepard, P.L. Travers


Mary Poppins is such a great way to introduce students imagination. This book could be used in so many ways in a classroom. Mary Poppins is a most unusual nanny to the Banks children. She uses her magic carpet bag to pull out several items that should not fit in a bag. She also does fun things such as jumping into a chalk painting in the park and everything came to life.


Leveling System:

Lexile- 600L


Classroom Activity:

I would use this book as a book study for my classroom. Some of the activities that I would include are a comparison between some of the characters. I would also allow the students to come up with their own creative addition to the book that they would have liked Mary Poppins to have done. We would also have a "Movie Day" so that the students could make a compare and contrast chart between the book and the movie.