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"You can't always judge people by the things they done".

Because of Winn-Dixie - Kate DiCamillo


Because of Winn Dixie is a beautifully told story of a little girl and her dog. Opal meets Winn Dixie and falls in love with the dog. They go on several life lessons together. One of those lessons is learning to not judge others on first impressions. They meet an interesting Lady in their journey who helps teach Opal all about life. 


Leveling System:

Lexile 670L


Classroom Activity: 


I would read this book as a whole class. This book is a great way to teach students about how to not judge others and don't believe what some people say about others. This book will end by me asking a series of questions about what the students think Opal learned in her journey. I will also ask them if they believe that these are good things for us to learn? We will begin creating our class contract based on this book.