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Always Be Yourself

A Bad Case of Stripes - David Shannon


This book is about a girl who is worried about how she looks to others. She loves lima beans but will not eat them because other kids at school do not eat them. Camilla, the characters name, is so worried about what others think of her she is worried about breaking out in a bad case of the stripes. Every time one of her classmates makes a suggestion about what she has, she breaks out into whatever they suggested. While an elderly lady helped her overcome what doctors could not, she begins to realize that she does not have to be like everyone else. 


Leveling System:

Lexile AD610L 


Classroom Activity: 

My class will a cause and effect activity for this book. We will determine what things did classmates say cause her to turn certain patterns. For example, a classmate suggested she looked like a checkerboard, that caused her skin to turn into a checkered pattern.