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"Wild Thing"

Where The Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak


Max has a wild imagination. So wild that his mother calls him "Wild Thing". Max creates his own imaginary world, after being sent to his bedroom for being to wild, He goes on this boat ride that takes him to be the king of the wild things. After a while he decides that it was time to go home because he was hungry so he gets back on his boat and sails back home. I enjoy this book because it will ignite some very interesting imaginations.  


Leveling System

Lexile AD740L


Classroom Activity: 

We will use this book to review our shapes. Each student will create their very own Wild Thing but are only allowed to use the shapes that are given. They will also have to follow a functional text that will tell them what shapes and color to use for what parts of the face. Using the functional text will allow the teacher to see who actually knows their shapes and can recognize the color.